Amanda Steggell
Born in Yokohama, 1965
Lives in Vinterbro on the edge of the Bundefjord, Ås, Norway
Works all over the place


Academic positions

2013 – 2020
Professor, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Academy of Dance
(Project leader of Amphibious Trilogies 2016-19)
2011 – 2015
Affiliated member of  YOUrban research project, Oslo School of Architecture and Design
2010 – 2011
Visiting professor, University of Dance and Circus, Stockholm
2008 – 2010
Associate professor, Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Department of Fine Art
Performance time-based and new media art
Visiting lecturer, Hedmark University College, Entertainment Industry and Interactive Media
Concept art in game design
Research Fellow, Østfold University College, Norwegian Theatre Academy
Synaesthesia and contemporary live art practice



Norwegian Theatre Academy, Østfold University College
National Programme for Research Fellowships in the Arts
(equivalent PHD programme for artists in Norway)

National College of Ballet and Dance, Oslo
Diploma in choreography


London College of Dance and Drama
Diploma in dance/teachers training


Artistic profile

Co-founder (with Ross Dalziel, UK) choreographer/curator /producer of Currently 2012 – 2016
Co-founder (with Per Platou, NO) choreographer/ director of the live art Motherboard project 1996 – 2008
Video artist of  Verk Productions 2007 – 2010


Residencies and commissions (*Motherboard)

2013 Residency at Takashi Ikegami Laboratory of Artificial Live, Tokyo University
One month residency for the project “Beautiful and irrational. Conversations between science, art and choreography”

2012-13 Studio-based residency, Tokyo
Three month research residency  for “Atom Bonds – a choreography of lives”.

2010 Art Villa Garikula, Georgia
Four week residency for the continuation of the text “Desert Walker. The Impossible Mission”, plus any number of possible re-enactments. The results will be shown at the villa during the International Festival of Contemporary Art, with its main base in Tblisi in October 2010.

2008 ROM3 art and industry partnership initiative, Skien
Development and production of the Electromagnetic Fountain with engineers at NLI Engineering  AS organised
via ROM 3, an art and industry partnership initiative for rejuvenating Grenland’s redundant industrial areas.

2005 St Mary Magdalene Church and Gardens, Islington, London
Temporary public art commission by to transform a plain church windows into a “living” stained glass
fresco via an interactive video projection animated by sound. Made both for the asylum group housed within the church and the public outside.

2004 BEK (Bergen Centre for Electronic Art), Bergen
Commissioned by curator Ellen Røed as moderator of “Come on Petunia”, a two week international worklab
exploring emergent strategies for structuring perceptions as experienced in time-based media.

2003 Plugin Gallery, Basel*
Commission – “Staging Dynamic Interferences”, a collaborative, networked live art laboratory for
exploring the notions of interference, glitch and social interaction and their potentials for creative work networked live art.

2002 Steim Institute and the WAAG Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam*
week research residency for developing new performances with live video, streaming, wireless, and physical interfaces within connected space(s).

2001 BANFF New Media Institute, Banff Contributor in “Hot Wired Live Art II, Airwaves”, a collaborative live art lab experimenting with digital media and wireless technologies in multi locative performance curated by Michelle Teran.

2001 Baltic Art Centre, Visby, Gotland*
Ten day residential collaborative live art lab for exploring the potentials of
emerging software for artists and networked performance.

2000 BEK (Bergen Centre for Electronic Art), Bergen*

Co-production with BEK for “Hot Wired Live Art”; a two week residential collaborative live art lab for exploring the potentials of emerging software for artists and networked performance.

2000 Bergen Art Museum, Bergen
Commission for the Annual Art Exhibition to develop “Sement”, a large scale, collaborative networked installation
covering a floor of the museum, as well as colourful lights installed in the tower that could be controlled by the public via the internet.

1999 Bilderwerfer, Vienna*
4 week worklab with the mixed ability dance theatre company Bilderwerfer to develop “Chat-in-
progress”, a networked performance/installation.

1998 The School of the Arts, Chicester College of Higher Education.
Machines and Migratory Bodies.*
A ten day residential performance and new technology workshop with guest
artists from Europe.


Separate exhibitions (selected installations and performances)
Solo and collaborative works
2009Play Alter Native (video for theatre), Black Box Theatre, Oslo Norway (Verk Productions)
Electromagnetic Fountain (public art/urban intervention), National Research Days, Porsgrunn City square
2008Desert Walker (choreography-as-land art), Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah (Motherboard)
Answering machine (video for theatre), Black Box Theatre, Oslo (Verk Productions)
2007Emotion Organ (participatory installation/synaesthetic instrument), Norwegian Short Film Festival (festival artist),Grimstad and Lydgalleriet, Bergen
2005The 8th Sister (underwater sculpture for viewing via echo-sounder display), Træna, Nordland (Motherboard)
2003Ultra Hot Wired Live Art (liveart event), Afri Arts Centre, Kampala (Motherboard)
2002Glitch, International Symposium and Festival, National Academy of Fine Art, Oslo (Motherboard)
Ultra Modern, Very Social – Motherboard@Landmark (8 day social event, networked liveart happenings),Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen
2001Please Try to Speak English (physical theatre), Endless Theatre, Oslo, Bergen Kunsthall and  Avant Garden,Trondheim (Motherboard)
Mirage (networked installation), opening of Baltic Art Centre, Visby, Gotland (Motherboard)
Hot Wired Live Art II  Airwaves (networked performance), Banff Center for the Arts (Motherboard/Teran)
2000Hot Wired Live Art  (networked performance), Bergen Centre for Electronic Art (Motherboard)
1999Idoru (networked performance), Mercer Union Gallery, Trinity Square Video and Electronic Media  Arts Center,Toronto (with Michelle Teran)
M@ggie’s Love Bytes (multi-located/networked dance theatre), Arc Theatre, Stockton on Tees (Motherboard)
Botball (robotic installation), Samtidskunst Forum, Oslo (Motherboard)
1998Switch Bitch. Re:sampling the cyberfemme (documentary performance), Black Box Theatre, Oslo (Motherboard)
1997Digital Mosque (distributed performance and installation events) Museet for samtidskunst andZoolounge Café, Oslo (Motherboard)
1995Arena II (dance theatre performance) Black Box Theatre, Oslo

Separate exhibitions (installations and performances) (*Motherboard, ** Verk, *** Michelle Teran)

If I were The Ocean. Curator/producer /artist.
International working exhibition produced on behalf of Currently in cooperation with the Norwegian Maritime Museum and the local branch of the countrywide Coastal Federation.
Norwegian Maritime Museum, Bydøynes, Oslo.

Currently 2014. Curator/artist.
Journey-based project sailing between Norway and England. Maritime Festival, Oslo and National Maritime Museum, Liverpool.

Greenwash. Social Beach
Art Villa Garikula, Kaspi Region, The Georgia

Currently – curating conditions: Two hackspace events (co-curator with Ross Dalziel)
Static Gallery and Liverpool Docks UK & Lavetthuset, Hovedøya, Oslo

Energy Bank Crank & Go!, street level interventions in Shubuya, Tokyo and Oslo Central Station area

Emotion Organ
, WARC Gallery, Toronto, Sound of Mu, Oslo, The Norwegian Telecom Museum, Oslo

Play Alter Native, Black Box Theatre, Oslo**
Electromagnetic Fountain
, National Research Days, Porsgrunn City square

Desert Walker
, Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah*

Answering Machine, Black Box Theatre, Oslo**

Emotion Organ
, Norwegian Short Film Festival (festival artist), Grimstad
Emotion Organ
, Lydgalleriet, Bergen

The 8th Sister
, off the coast of Træna, Nordland, Norway*

Ultra Hot Wired Live Art
, Afri Arts Centre, Kampala*

, National Academy of Fine Art, Oslo*
Ultra Modern. Very Social
,  Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen*

Please try to speak English
, Endless Theatre Oslo, Landmark Bergen Kunsthall Bergen, Avant Garden Trondheim*
, Baltic Art Centre, Visby, Gotland*
Hot Wired Live Art II, Airwaves
, Banff Center for the Arts, Banff***

Hot Wired Live Art, BEK (Bergen Centre for Electronic Art), Bergen*

, Mercer Union Gallery, Trinity Square VideoToronto, Electronic Media  Arts Center***
M@ggie’s Love Bytes
, Arc Theatre, Stockton on Tees, UK* 
, Samtidskunst Forum, Oslo*

Switch Bitch
, Black Box Theatre, Oslo*

Digital Mosque: Disappearing bodies. Half veiled truths
, Museet for samtidskunst, Oslo**
Digital Mosque: Virtual Wash
, Zoolounge Café, Oslo**

Arena II, Black Box Theatre, Oslo

Group exhibitions (installations and performances)

FAEN Female Artistic Experiments Norway
Atelier Nord, Oslo, Norway

The Temporary Library of Norwegian Media Art, Meta.Morf 2018, Trondheim

Piksel 15, Bergen, Norway
Strandloppa, Oslo, Norway
Do it Anyway Festival, Sheffield UK

Coastal Federation Maritime Festival
Bjørvika, Oslo

Performance Now 4
, Bergen, Norway
Late Night at the Museum, Norwegian Museum of Science and technology, Oslo

Piksel X. Kernel Panic, 10th festival for free art and technology, Bergen
Black Box ++, Blackbox Theatre, Oslo
New Frontiers, Oslo

Soft Technologies, Galleri 3,14 Bergen
აქეთ, OVER HERE, PAR ICI, Europe House, Tbilisi, The Georgia

Fest i Nova, 2nd International Festival for Contemporary Art, Garikila, The Georgia

Ultima Festival of Contemporary Music, Oslo
Festival of Contemporary Theatre, Oslo

Article 08 Exhibition for Electronic and Unstable Art, Stavanger
ACM Interactive Arts Exhibition, Science World British Columbia, Vancouver

Close Encounters, University College of Dance, Stockholm

Prosjektrommet 93-06, Gallery F15, Moss Bryggeri Utstillingshallen, Moss, Norway

Ultima International  Festival of Contemporary Music, Oslo, Norway
Imagining St Mary Magdalene, St Mary Magdalene Church, London UK
Sold Out Festival, C6, London UK

Bergen International Film Festival, Norway

Viper Festival, Basel
Written in Stone, a net. art archaeology, curator Per Platou, Museet for samtidskunst, Oslo, Norway

Stunt Club, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts) London UK

Treff Exhibition, Bergen Kunstmuseum
Urban Festival, Zagreb
Stand Art Festival, Gothenburg

Prosjektetrommet, Galleri F15, Moss
Høstutstillingen, Bergen Kunstmuseum
Momentum, Moss
Images Independent Film and Video Festival, Toronto

International Festival of Puppetry for Adults, Vienna

E~on Exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
Hyperstate III, Oslo Spectrum

Electra Festival, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo


Single channel video screenings

2009 Projektion im Freien, kjubh-Kunstverein e.V. Kooperation, Cologne
Festival De Film et Video De Creation, Lebanon
X Film Festival, Sophia
Moov Festival, New York
Independent International Film Festival, Barcelona
Museet for samtidskunst, Oslo
Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad
Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad
Oslo Film Festival


Grants and awards

Government Grants for Artists
Artist work grant (2 year) 2011-2013
Travel grant 1997, 1995 a
nd 2009
Studio grant 2006
Establishing grant 2002
Artist work grant (3 years) 1998-01
Equipment grant 1998

Arts Council Norway
Project support 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016
Manuscript development grant 2008, 2009
Choreographic development grant 1995, 1997, 2006, 2010, 2016

Oslo Municipality 
Project support 2014, 2016

Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation
Travel grant, 2011, 2013

Fritt Ord Foundation
Manuscript development grant 2012

Public Art Norway
Project support 2010

Office of Contemporary Art
Travel grant 2002, 2004

Norske Dansekunstnere
Video Award 1996, 2008


Artist talks, papers, books, panel debates and moderation (selected)

The Temporary Library of Norwegian Media Art
, Meta.Morf 2018, Trondheim, art talk

STATE: A Parallelogrammic Apparatus, book chapter (p.147.158) in Thinking Alongside, (Fiksdal Ed), Oslo National Academy of the Arts, ISBN: 978-82-92613-81-8

The Emotion Organ, book chapter (p. 235.255) in Spår av Musik (Östersjö Ed), Lund University Press
Re:placing the cinematic, ANX, Atelier Nord, Oslo
Future Choreographers, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
Dialogue Cafe, Dansens Hus, Oslo
Open Source City, OggCamp, Liverpool, artist talk with Ross Dalziel
Never or Now Performance Seminar, Bergen National Academy of the Arts, lecture
Art Villa Garikula, The Foundation for Revival and Development of Cultural Heritage of Shida Kartli, Georgia, artist talk, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm, lecture
Piksel 09, Bergen, moderator
ArtDate, Weld/Stockholm Institute for Electroacoustic Music, artist talk
Upgrade! Berlin BBQ, artist talk
kedjaOslo – Dance and New Media Conference, Dance Information Norway, Oslo, artist talk/panelist

Perfusion, pollution, pervasion
. Article 08 Conference, Stavanger, panelist
ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Annual Conference on Multimedia, Vancouver, artist talk/panelist
HKS (Hordaland Art Centre) in cooperation with BEK, Bergen, artist talk

2nd International Conference for Digital Live Art, University of Leeds, paper presentation
Close Encounters, University College of Dance, Stockholm, artist talk

Uk Synaesthesia Association Annual Conference, University College of London, artist talk

Sensuous Knowledge 2, Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Solstrand, keynote
Generator X, Atelier Nord, Oslo, panel debate moderator
Uganda Artist Association, Kampala, artist talk
Centre for Research in Digital Aesthetics, University of Aarhus, artist talk

Come on Petunia, BEK, KHIB, artist talk and moderator

pixelACHE, Helsinki, artist talk
Digital 2 – International New Media Discussion, Artists Association MUU ry, Helsinki, artist talk
Norwegian Animals Seminar, Centre for Development and Environment, University of Oslo

ISEA (Inter Society for the Electronic Arts), Nagoya, artist talk/panelist
Arts Research Centre, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, artist talk
Steim Institute, Amsterdam, artist talk
NoTAM (Norwegian Network for Technology, Acoustic and Music), Oslo, artist talk

IETM (European theatre meeting), Prague, panelist

6Cyberconf, Annual Conference on Cyberspace, Oslo, artist talk
Screens Festival and Conference, Trondheim, artist talk

Connecting Bodies Symposium, School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam, artist talk