Pulp Cryption

By | November 12, 2010

Pulp Cryption
A random idea that came about while I had the flu last week.
Step one: experiment with recycling invoices, receipts, private documents, advertisements and anything that seems in need of censorship and encryption.
Step two: experiment with how to make paper that shape-shifts, such as using muscle wires with origami techniques.

Status report:
Invoices have been pulped and made into aromatic encrypted paper smelling of oregano, basil and rosemary.
Aborted attempts to make an origami cat have been pulped with fresh ginger, made into a very simple ginger origami cat, and given away as a present.
Left over paper from the ginger cat has been made into a prototype model for trying to make self-folding origami at the soft tech workshop in Bergen next week, where we will experiment with using muscle wires.