By | December 16, 2010

echoscope_sq A random idea that came about from using my bat detector.

A physical interface for facilitating novel acoustic experiences of spaces. It is based on a wearable echolocation system that uses ultrasound detectors and signal receivers. Though the concept is simple, and in principle examples can be found both in the realms of art, science (also as an aid to the visually impaired), the Echoscope transposes the peaks and troughs of the detected signals onto musical compositions, shifting the sound-shape of the compositions as the user moves through any given space.

Sound source
Using the mp3 format as a sound source means that users can use sound files stored on their mobile devices. These may be from their own collection, or sound files proposed as having appropriate qualities for such a space investigation, available for download on a website. Musical compositions can be also be created for a specific space and/or event.

Listening alternatives
A single user may listen to the space via binaural headphones, or/and the sound can be transmitted to a wider public via a PA system.

Echoscope can be used for;
Personalized experiences of the sound of spaces
Space explorations for multiple, single users for museums, exhibitions, etc
Public performances for solo or group performers
An educational tool
More ?