Time to Switch

By | May 5, 2011

Time to Switch
Workshop in choreography @ Oslo National Academy of the Arts
Format: Body storming, brain storming, experiments, field trips, lectures and presentations

From an historical perspective dance has not followed the general order of things. To cut a long story short, there was modern dance which was not at all “modernist”. Then came the first surge of post-modern dance in the 1960s – early 70s, rebelling against classical ballet and classical modern dance. Imagining what a new dance could look like in the future, post-modern dance quickly became more outwardly “post-modernist”. Let’s imagine that for two weeks we are the choreographers of the first post-modern period and that it is happening to us now, in 2011. We are not yet very cool or analytical, but playfully rebellious, urgently reconsidering dance as a medium today. We are interested in the medium’s functional relationship to context; in exploring “natural movement”, collaboration and participation; in working with simple scores that can be performed in the city by almost anybody’s body with a minimum of prior instruction.

The workshop will start by looking at the score of Steve Paxton’s “Satisfyin’ Lover” (1967) and consider how it could be programmed today, outside in the city, modifiable and distributive. Then we will play with some smart phone apps that to some extent answer to the call of a dance improvisation. Working in between the one and the others we will sex things up a bit, devising prototype games using cellphones and the sites and surfaces of the city.

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