By | August 13, 2011

prototypePulp Cryption
– a prototype project featuring self-folding origami.


Many people are worried about having their identities stolen and consequently shred all kinds of documents that contain sensitive information. Yet such documents may be decrypted by painstakingly putting the shreds back together (as seen on CSI, etc).

– How could one protect oneself against such decryption?

The solution: encryption in three phase

Phase 1. Mashup
Use simple DIY techniques to recycle shredded documents as new sheets of paper to make decryption a virtual impossibility.

Phase 2. Camouflage
Add some extra form of camouflage, such as colour and aroma.

Phase 3. Special defense
As an extra precaution, make the encrypted documents further protect the data by folding themselves up when feeling threatened (#think: hedgehog). Hence the idea of self-folding origami.

The prototype shown here contains all the information you need to steal my identity. It has gone through encryption phases 1 and 2. I am still working on phase 3.

Prototype tests:

This work has been developing through my participation in the Soft Technology research project at Atelier Nord and the National Academy of the Arts in Bergen, 2010. Special thanks go to Hillevi Munthe, Øyvind Mellbye, Nick Stevens and Hilde Hauan for collaborative experiments with muscle wires.

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