Energy Bank; more power!

By | November 5, 2011

A new model for the Energy Bank project:

Moving away from trends in e-textiles towards something less slick, I’m working on a back-pack system that can produce and store more power than any current off-the-shelf/grid, mobile phone charging device.

I found an old 24 DCV, 4A Clansman hand generator with a snap-on lithium battery pack, and mounted on a carry-frame. They could be combined with common car adapters for charging hand held devices.  I also like the radio-aesthetics, and am thinking that I can incorporate an optional service by including an electromagnetic detector. I have several which were designed by Martin Howse for the Electromagnetic Fountain. There are three that have triangular board antennas which would look great sticking up from the back-pack.

List of possible components.

Carry frame (back pack)
Clansman light weight carry frame
Cost: 35 GBP





Power supply:

Handcrank Generator
Clansman Hand Generator
Made for use with the Clansman back-pack radios.
Turning the hand crank generates 24 Volt DC.
Charges a standard Clansman 24 Volt battery.
Indicator lamp lights up when the hand crank is being turned at the right speed.
Cost: 45 GBP

Battery/transformer options:

First idea:

Reachargeable battery
Clansman Slim-Line 24 Volt Rechargeable Alkaline Battery Pack.
Capacity 1Ah.
Snaps on to the bottom of the handcrank generator.
Cost: 15 GBP


Car Power Supply Transformer
Universal 24 v DC – 12 v DC power converter
5A current
Weight 293g
Total Size 9.6 x 7.9 x 4cm
Cost: 399 NOK
(not sure if I need this; most car adapters have 24/12v input)


Griffin PowerJolt SE Car Charger
Plugs into 12V auxiliary power port
Light ring glows red, amber and green to indicate charge status.
Protects iPod or iPhone against power surges
Replaceable fuse
1-piece, captured cable design
Cost: 13.99 GBP







For other devices. There are many multi-adapter kits for other phones, but they are flimsy, with short cables.

Second option (safer, more efficient)
x2 new 12v dry cell batteries, serial cabled
12v – 5v adapters


Cellphone adapter compatibility system:
The idea is that people can check whether their mobile devices can be catered for by entering its model number ……

Cellphone adapter availability facility:
Phi panel; add-on to arduino projects
On-board micro-controller/interactive user interface
Displaying menu, lists, input numbers, texts, sensing key presses, returning user choices, etc
Cost: 29 USD


EMF detector

Example: Martin’s detectors

Board antennas  4 sniffersFour options!
-need power supplies and speakers/headphones.
Headphones could be hung on the frame.