New project site. Nautilog

By | January 22, 2012

Jan 2012_ bowNautilab: exploring notions of mobility and urbanity via living on board
Nautila: the name of my boat/home
Nautilog: the ship’s log
Captain: Amanda Steggell

I’ve just started a new blog ; Nautilog, dedicated to exploring notions of mobility and urbanity in networked culture. The motivation for this project was triggered by a desire to find out what it is like to live a truly mobile and kinaesthetic life. To explore a new lightweight lifestyle.

I am currently tethered in the centre of the city, at the Herben Marine, Aker Brygge in Oslo. I have the most exclusive view in the city. To purchase a flat with such a view looking directly out onto the fjord would cost more than I could ever afford.

I sold my flat in April 2011. Shortly after I bought my boat for NOK 65.000. I have so far spent NOK 30.000 renovating/upgrading it. There is still a good deal of work to be done, but it is possible to live on board, even in the winter time. I spend approximately NOK 3.000/month in rent for mooring/electricity and to use the shower/washing facilities of the marine.  Everything I have on board is what I need to make life run comfortably.  Everything is used.  To be a boat person is  one of the few options left for alternative living in central Oslo where housing prices are sky high.

It’s all about location; to have the privilege of living in the midst of the city, yet to come home to the most stunning night skies and to wake when the sun rises in all its colours; to be in a place so close to the shore where the only sound of it I hear is the the clock tower of the city hall sounding out omni-sonically with the passage of the hours. To experience new rhythms of the city, and to know that I can travel with my home to other cities. In slow time.

I have instruments on board to play with such as a sonar fish finder, GPS map plotter, temperature, fuel and water sensors. They provide me with data that I can speculate with, making associative connections between the flows of data and the experiences of a lived life. Narratives form between the one and the other. I check the coastal weather conditions each day. Each fluctuation of environmental conditions influences the environment on board. By default I become more in tune with how my presence affects the environment around me.

Nautilog endeavors to document this process.