Energy Bank retro-fit?

By | February 24, 2010

Ingenious idea seeks historic locations

I am in Berlin working with Roman Minaev on visualizations of Energy Bank. I show my host, Michelle Teran, the first sketches and she says – how about retrofitting old petrol pump stations as Energy Banks. I have thought of this before, but had abandoned the idea. Mostly because my past two projects have involved modifying historical objects – an antique pump organ and a redundant parabola dish from Oslo’s TV tower – and this time wanted to build something without so much of a connection to the past. But now I am thinking – why not do both.


Do you know of a petrol pump that has been abandoned and left to rot in your area?

High Street, Stockbridge. Photo: Peter Facey. Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license 2.0

Checkpoint Bravo, Autobahn Berlin. Photo: Richard Carter

Why not send me a picture of the offending site. It could become a candidate for an Energy Bank retrofit.

Energy Bank envisaged. Img. Roman Minaev

Energy Bank envisaged. Img. Roman Minaev