Antenna Aesthetics @ Sound of Mu

By | March 11, 2010

Exhibition: Antenna Aesthetics

Sound of Mu
Markveien 58, Oslo
20-31 March 2010
Opening: 20 March, 19.00

Antenna Aesthetics is a collection of photographic and audio portraits of antennas snapped and recorded in various countries between 2007and 2010. It encompasses snapshots and discreet sounds that will inhabit the Sound of Mu for the duration of the exhibition, as well as a booklet that is available for viewing at the bar. The booklet contains an index of photographs which will help you identify the locations of the photos mounted on the walls.

The brochure/text accompanying the exhibition can be downloaded here (PDF file).

At about 20.30 on the opening evening Karen Skog and her orchestra will play a concert on her wonderful hand-crafted instruments.

“One cello, one organ, one violin and one theremin stand in a room. This is an orchestra with three musicians: Sivert Nikolai Nesbø, the cellist and organist; Erik Andreas Røkland, the organist and cellist; and Karen Skog, the violinist and thereminist. One musician starts playing and the others slowly join. Together they listen to each other’s instruments and carefully tune into a single universe of sound.”
– Karen Skog

Christian Nedregård will be the evening’s DJ.