White blobs

By | April 10, 2010

About a week ago strange white blobby things started to appear on the parts of the Electromagnetic Fountain, and the water gained a cloudy white colour. Why they have appeared now and not in previous events is probably due to the fact that the fountain is turned off at night, stopping the circulation of water. But exactly what the blobs are is a source of confusion. My first deduction is a build up of calcium – but I am no expert in these matters. For the past week the fountain has been switched off to try and resolve the matter. Currently there have come two suggestions form the Telecom Museum – the first being the most exciting!

1. The white blobs appear as houses for tiny crayfish-like creatures. If this is the case,  then I’ll embrace the art of the accident and declare myself as a bio-artist.

2. They are the result of an electro-chemical reaction between the different metallic parts of the fountain.

Hopefully the results will come through on Monday, as well as problem with a malfunctioning pump, which could, or could not be a result of the crayfish creatures or its electrochemical allergy. In the meantime I told this story to Tommy Olsson who gave me a book called Elephants on Acid and other Bizzare Experiments by Alex Boese, and pointed me to a section called The Electrical Acari. It describes how an experiment with galvanization techniques to grow crystals resulted in something quite extraordinary; the emergence of small crayfish creatures.  The scientist who conducted the experiment, Andrew Crosse, thought that he had created life. The news of his discovery reached the local media who dubbed the creatures “Acarus crossi”, in his honor. And once this news got out, his neighbours decided that he was not just mad – but quite possibly a devil worshiper too …..