Light wars

By | May 9, 2010

One person, one victory at a time, day by day, we can and will make a difference. On this challenge we are, truly, in this together ……….
– Rupert Murdoch, promoting echo-friendly lightbulbs for SKY, May 2007

An article in the Guardian (Jan 2009) describes how the UK Daily Mail, in response to a similar campaign made by the Sun, offered its readers free, energy-saving lightbulbs. It then retracted the offer due to criticism from the readers who were said to express a “sense of concern and suspicion of the new technology and anger at the perceived nanny state”. In addition, the EU mandate to put a ban on traditional lightbulbs in 2016 caused disdain with regards to personal freedom (EUROCRATS!) – emotions that were prompted by the Mail itself in another article that lamented the death of the traditional lightbulb. As a result, the Mail made a U-Turn and gave away 5000 old fashioned bulbs instead, after which it offered 5 free 100w bulbs per reader in exchange for 12 newspaper tokens and postage costs.

So much for saving the planet!