Desert Walker. The Impossible Mission

By | September 4, 2010

Desert Walker. The Impossible Mission (work in progress)
About a performance that virtually nobody could witness …..
and a text I have been trying to write since 2008.

On a stage that stretches beyond the scope of human vision, where the weather can shift faster than the blink of an eye, four solo walkers performed a simultaneous act of endurance – a serial choreography inspired by Samuel Beckett’s experimental TV drama Quad. It was performed unannounced and only once. To be able to see Desert Walker in its entirety would require hovering high above the performance area for a period exceeding 11 hours. What is the remaining artefact of this project? A text, the presentation of the documentation material, a new work? This is what I’m trying to find out.


Status report:

Funded twice over by Arts Council Norway, manuscript development.
The application for the first writing period was sent via the committee for visual art to the committee for the performing arts. The application for the second period was sent from the committee for the performing arts to the “diverse other” category. I look forward to seeing where the application for the final period will go, when the time comes.
The latest phase of this project took place in July 2010 during a month residency at the Art Villa Garikula, Georgia, and the results will be presented at the International festival of Contemporary Art, Fest i Nova at the villa in October 2010.