The 8th Sister 2005

By | September 4, 2010

Pro_sq_8sThe 8th Sister. An exercise into the depths of Freudian perception, Motherboard 2005
Underwater sculpture
to be viewed via echosounder display in Træna, off the coast of North Norway
Target audience: fisher people, seafarers and tourists
Video documentation

The 8th Sister is an art project that investigates the practical and contextual implications of creating an underwater sculpture in which its “true” form is manifested as an image on an ultrasound/echosounder display. Most people today are familiar with 3D, and comprehend 3D as representations in a two-dimensional form (on a screen) in computer games and as animations on TV and in films. The 8th Sister poses questions with the general acceptance of this type of reality rendering in that the actual process transforms depth to surface – from 3D to a flat 2D. The manifestation of the naked woman on an ultrasound screen can evoke deep speculations of the sculpture’s actual physical form, while offering a cheeky, humorous and mystic resonance of clumsy pin-up posters that once flavoured male dominated workplaces.

URL: The 8th Sister website