By | September 4, 2010

A collection of texts I’ve written for various purposes:

  • Shadows of  Tomorrow 2020 (in press)
    Published in ANTIZINE vol. 8, ed. Heidi Backström, ANTIZINE, Finnland 2020
  • STATE: A Parallelogrammic Apparatus 2018
    Published in Thinking Alongside, ed. Ingri Fiksdal, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, ISBN: 978-82-92613-81-8
  • The Emotion Organ 2015
    Book chapter (p. 235.255) in Spår av Musik (Traces of music) ed. Stefan Östersjö, Lund University Press
  • Desert Walker. The Impossible Mission (work in progress)
    About a performance that virtually nobody could witness. I have been trying to write this text since 2008.
  • Uncanny technologies at work in performance 2011
    Published in Never or Now? Performance Art, eds. Karen Kiphoff and Agnes Nedregard, Revolver Publishing, Berlin.
    ISBN 978-3-86895-186-8
  • Antenna Aesthetics 2010
    A text about my obsession for taking snapshots of antennas spotted in my everyday life.
    Written for the exhibition Antenna Aesthtics, Sound of Mu, Oslo, March 2010
  • A call for attention 2009
    My love/hate relationship of my iPhone, Dr Who and his TARDIS, Dungeness Power Station and what they all have to do with choreography and how I decided to make temporary public art.
    Program to Perform, The School for Architecture and Design Oslo/ Dance Information, Oct 2009
    ISBN 978-82-547-0229-1
  • Pure Radiance 2008
    Catalogue text: How much, and with what are you willing to pay for putting so much of your various selves online?
    Virtual Physical Bodies, Centre des Arts, Enghien-les-Bains, Paris, Oct 2008.
    ISBN 978-2-916639-09-3
  • The Emotion Organ 2008
    Another reflective text about synaesthesia, psychedelic drugs, dragons and the Emotion Organ.
    16th ACM international conference on Multimedia, Association for Computing Machinery, New York 2008
    ISBN 978-1-60558-303-7
  • Dabbling with Original Syn 2007
    A reflective text about synaesthesia, psychedelic drugs, dragons and the Emotion Organ.
    Paper for Re-actor, University of Leeds, 2007
  • Mind, the Gap. Synaesthesia and contemporary live art practice 2007
    A critical reflection of my research project of the same name.
  • Geography. The Bountiful World of Mutinous Cartography 2005
    Catalogue text: A dérive of thoughts about earthquakes, Greenpeace and Mutiny on the Bounty to arrive at “Geography” – one half of an exhibition by Patrik Entian and Ellen Røed.
  • The 8th Sister 2005
    Book chapter: eds. Betti Marenko & Leon C6 in DIY Survival. There is No Subculture, Only Subversion, p.80-84, C6 & Mute, ISBN: 0-9550664-9-2
  • Solvent abuse 2003
    It starts like this: Dear editor, I am sorry that I have been unable to even reach your extended deadline for my intended article, which was to be called “Solvent abuse”, more commonly known as “glue sniffing” – and then it gets worse.
    For ISEA 2002, also published in Utflukt magazine, issue 2/03
  • Kids, don’t try this at home! 2002
    About Jackass and the consequences of teachers giving school kids a video assignment.
    Utflukt magazine, issue 2/02
  • Per, du lyver! (Per. You’re lying!) 2000
    An interview with Per Platou about copy-right/copy-wrong, life the universe and everything.
    HOTROD magazine, issue 8/00
  • If only I could touch the mouse, my life would be perfect 1999
    A fish that travels by tube to perform a migratory journey on the internet.
    Performance Research Magazine vol. 4.2, Routledge 1999.
    ISBN 0415198038.
  • The Inverted Relay Race 1998
    Dancers should leave their soft bodies at home!
    Dance Research Journal, spring edition 1998, Routledge
  • Browsing in Cairo 1996
    About the connection between search engines and window shopping in Cairo.
    F.EKS magazine, 96