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Creme Fraiche

Creme Fraiche 2010 Subculture in my refrigerator I found a forgotten box of creme fraiche at the back of my fridge last week. Goodness knows how long it has been there. Opening the lid revealed a secret bacteria culture growing inside. Such texture, such detail, such colour! I couldn’t throw it out. I have decided… Read More »


A random idea that came about from using my bat detector. A physical interface for facilitating novel acoustic experiences of spaces. It is based on a wearable echolocation system that uses ultrasound detectors and signal receivers. Though the concept is simple, and in principle examples can be found both in the realms of art, science… Read More »

Pulp Cryption

Pulp Cryption A random idea that came about while I had the flu last week. Step one: experiment with recycling invoices, receipts, private documents, advertisements and anything that seems in need of censorship and encryption. Step two: experiment with how to make paper that shape-shifts, such as using muscle wires with origami techniques. Status report:… Read More »

Flight Bags

Flight Bags. Transparent and resealable (work-in-progress) EU flight safety regulations Dangerous liquids Body fluids More or less innocent Frequently asked questions concerning EU flight regulations and fluids in hand baggage. What do you mean by liquid? Some things are evidently liquid, like drinks and perfume.  Others are less obvious, like gels, pastes, lotions, mixture of… Read More »

Box Sets of People

Box Sets of People 2010 – Order sets of people for social and cultural events. Choose from our pre-fabricated collections. Box Sets of Place an order for a custom set to meet your requirements. Target group: anyone planning a special event. Status report:Evolving. Order placed by Sedista King: a set for her PhD defense/graduation. Order… Read More »