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Energy Bank in Tokyo

09 January 2013. Daikanyama and Shibuya, Tokyo. Energy Bank Crank & Go! took to the streets of Tokyo. Daikanyama provided a relaxed and relatively quiet environment for shooting a video demo/user manual. Moving to the very crowded and noisy crossing at Shibuya, sound tests and different user modes were carried out. Activities @ Shibuya Depositing energy: Charging… Read More »


CURRENTLY 2012 – 2014   – curating conditions for an artistic investigation of life on a shelf sea – culminates in a journey-based residency 2014 – collaboration with artist/curator Ross Dalziel (uk) – currently a work in progress. Artists, architects and technicians will work together to create open responses to marine research during a cross channel journey… Read More »

New project site. Nautilog

Nautilab: exploring notions of mobility and urbanity via living on board Nautila: the name of my boat/home Nautilog: the ship’s log Captain: Amanda Steggell I’ve just started a new blog ; Nautilog, dedicated to exploring notions of mobility and urbanity in networked culture. The motivation for this project was triggered by a desire to find… Read More »

Energy Bank: a sacred service

LOOSE NOTES Die Sonne tönt, nach alter Weise, In Brudersphären Wettgesang, Und ihre vorgeschriebne Reise Vollendet sie mit Donnergang. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1829     Quick introduction/recap about Energy Bank: In his essay Art and the Public Sphere Vito Acconci writes; Public space in an electronic age, is space on the run. Public… Read More »

Energy Bank; more power!

A new model for the Energy Bank project: Moving away from trends in e-textiles towards something less slick, I’m working on a back-pack system that can produce and store more power than any current off-the-shelf/grid, mobile phone charging device. I found an old 24 DCV, 4A Clansman hand generator with a snap-on lithium battery pack,… Read More »

Energy Bank 2010 – 2012

Energy Bank 2010 – 2012 Public artwork/facility. Target audience: Random pedestrians; tourists, city dwellers, commuters, etc. Energy Bank is a special type of bank; an altruistic public power dispensing machine that generates, stores and dispenses electricity derived from kinetic energy (muscle power) and solar power for recharging electronic mobile devices. It functions when pedestrians (clients)… Read More »