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Time to Switch

Time to Switch Workshop in choreography @ Oslo National Academy of the Arts 16-26.08.2011 Format: Body storming, brain storming, experiments, field trips, lectures and presentations From an historical perspective dance has not followed the general order of things. To cut a long story short, there was modern dance which was not at all “modernist”. Then… Read More »

Ladies and gentleman. The Toilets of Tbilisi

Workshop @ Europe House, Tbilisi 24.02.2011 Format: Presentation and field trip Duration: 3 hours Requirements: any kind of digital photography camera Public toilets, far from being banal or simply functional, are highly charged spaces, shaped by notions of propriety, hygiene and the binary gender division. Indeed, public toilets are among the very few openly segregated… Read More »

Muscle Wire 4

SOFT TECHNOLOGY: MUSCLE WIRE WORKLAB @ KHIB Day 4 Important note! Minimum bend radius for muscle wires is 50x the diameter of the wire! Very important if you wish the wire to return to its straight state and to prevent muscle fatigue. Nick builds Kinetic Knitnetwork Hilde spins wool with muscle wire. Amanda and Øivind… Read More »

Muscle Wire 3

SOFT TECHNOLOGY: MUSCLE WIRE WORKLAB @ KHIB Day 3 Basically the same as Day 2. Testing smaller muscle wires for self-folding origami,  two directional multi-muscle (fold, unfold) experiments. Not exactly successful! Using larger fabric formats (silk, linen, paper); both whole pieces and laser cut designs. Making colour-changing thermochromatic and photochromatic silk prints. Videos: Laser cut… Read More »

Muscle Wire 2

SOFT TECHNOLOGY: MUSCLE WIRE WORKLAB @ KHIB Day 2 Activities: Making different wire shapes Working on gas torch heating techniques Applying muscle wires to different materials (paper/textiles) with different qualities (folds, pleats, laser cut fabrics) Testing how two different shaped muscle wires can work together Videos Laser cut fabric tests: Self-folding origami tests:

Muscle Wire 1

SOFT TECHNOLOGY: MUSCLE WIRE WORKLAB @ KHIB with Hillevi Munthe, Hilde Hauan, Terese Stenhjem, Øyvind Mellbye, Nick Stevens and Amanda Steggell 16-19 November 2010 – a working session drawing on the experience and knowledge of the participants. We will experiment with muscle wire/shape memory alloys (SMA) in textiles. Soft Technology is initiated by Hillevi Munthe… Read More »