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Desert Walker. The Impossible Mission

Desert Walker. The Impossible Mission (work in progress) About a performance that virtually nobody could witness ….. and a text I have been trying to write since 2008. On a stage that stretches beyond the scope of human vision, where the weather can shift faster than the blink of an eye, four solo walkers performed… Read More »


A collection of texts I’ve written for various purposes: Shadows of  Tomorrow 2020 (in press) Published in ANTIZINE vol. 8, ed. Heidi Backström, ANTIZINE, Finnland 2020 STATE: A Parallelogrammic Apparatus 2018 Published in Thinking Alongside, ed. Ingri Fiksdal, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, ISBN: 978-82-92613-81-8 The Emotion Organ 2015 Book chapter (p. 235.255) in Spår av Musik (Traces… Read More »