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Creme Fraiche

Creme Fraiche 2010 Subculture in my refrigerator I found a forgotten box of creme fraiche at the back of my fridge last week. Goodness knows how long it has been there. Opening the lid revealed a secret bacteria culture growing inside. Such texture, such detail, such colour! I couldn’t throw it out. I have decided… Read More »

Muscle Wire 2

SOFT TECHNOLOGY: MUSCLE WIRE WORKLAB @ KHIB Day 2 Activities: Making different wire shapes Working on gas torch heating techniques Applying muscle wires to different materials (paper/textiles) with different qualities (folds, pleats, laser cut fabrics) Testing how two different shaped muscle wires can work together Videos Laser cut fabric tests: Self-folding origami tests:

Muscle Wire 1

SOFT TECHNOLOGY: MUSCLE WIRE WORKLAB @ KHIB with Hillevi Munthe, Hilde Hauan, Terese Stenhjem, Øyvind Mellbye, Nick Stevens and Amanda Steggell 16-19 November 2010 – a working session drawing on the experience and knowledge of the participants. We will experiment with muscle wire/shape memory alloys (SMA) in textiles. Soft Technology is initiated by Hillevi Munthe… Read More »

Pulp Cryption

Pulp Cryption A random idea that came about while I had the flu last week. Step one: experiment with recycling invoices, receipts, private documents, advertisements and anything that seems in need of censorship and encryption. Step two: experiment with how to make paper that shape-shifts, such as using muscle wires with origami techniques. Status report:… Read More »

Energy Bank 2010 – 2012

Energy Bank 2010 – 2012 Public artwork/facility. Target audience: Random pedestrians; tourists, city dwellers, commuters, etc. Energy Bank is a special type of bank; an altruistic public power dispensing machine that generates, stores and dispenses electricity derived from kinetic energy (muscle power) and solar power for recharging electronic mobile devices. It functions when pedestrians (clients)… Read More »

Desert Walker. Atmosphere 41°’

Desert Walker. Atmosphere 41°’ 28 September – 3rd October 2010 Fest i Nova. 2nd International Festival of Contemporary Art Art Villa Garikula, Akhalkalaki, Shida Qartli region, Georgia In 2008 I was co-director and choreographer of a performance called Desert Walker by Motherboard (www.liveart.org) that took place on the Great Salt Playa in Utah, USA with… Read More »