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Soft technology

Exhibition: SOFT TECHNOLOGY Galleri 3.14 Bergen, Norway 19.08-25.09.2011 Presenting “Pulp Cryption” – a prototype project featuring self-folding origami. Pulp Cryption envisages a novel angle on data protection; in this case, paper documents that contain sensitive information. The work has come out of my participation in the Soft Tech research group initiated by Hillevi Munthe in… Read More »


Pulp Cryption – a prototype project featuring self-folding origami.   Many people are worried about having their identities stolen and consequently shred all kinds of documents that contain sensitive information. Yet such documents may be decrypted by painstakingly putting the shreds back together (as seen on CSI, etc). – How could one protect oneself against… Read More »

The Emotion Organ 2007

Synaesthetic simulacrum machine Participatory installation Target audience: first person player Video documentation — “Time has passed us by,” Maury said at once to me. “Our electronic organ is obsolete.” “You’re wrong,” I said. “The trend is actually _toward_ the electronic organ because that’s the way America is going in its space exploration: electronic. In ten… Read More »

In Death Valley 2005

In Death Valley, everywhere we looked, gently waving stands of desert gold blossoms danced in the wind, their daisy-like faces punctuated with vibrant orange centers, Motherboard 2005 Kinetic installation of sound, light, metal, salt and aroma Video documentation … There are moments when being an art critic feels like a burden, and the act of… Read More »

The 8th Sister 2005

The 8th Sister. An exercise into the depths of Freudian perception, Motherboard 2005 Underwater sculpture to be viewed via echosounder display in Træna, off the coast of North Norway Target audience: fisher people, seafarers and tourists Video documentation — The 8th Sister is an art project that investigates the practical and contextual implications of creating… Read More »

Emotion Organ in Toronto

Emotion Organ 12 June – 10 July 2010 Special all-star performance evening: Thursday, June 17, 2010 Women’s Art Resource Centre (WARC) 401 Richmond St. Suite #122 Toronto, ON Presented in conjunction with the IMAA ON.Fire Independent Media Arts Conference and Festival The Emotion Organ is installed within the Women’s Art Resource Centre (WARC) and is… Read More »