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Electromagnetic Fountain 2008

Temporary public installation, urban intervention Fill with water, plug in and play Target audience: random pedestrians; city dwellers, tourists and passers by Video documentation Every city has an invisible twin, an architecture in flux made up of electromagnetic waves emitted by its numerous electrical and wireless communications devices. The water jets and lights of the… Read More »

On the waves of a fountain (article)

An article about the Electromagnetic Fountain’s presence at the Norwegian Telecom Museum, appeared in Frifagbevegelse, 12.04.20 På bølge med fontenen Tast en melding på mobilen din, og den underlige fontenen ved inngangen til Norsk Telemuseum vil sende vannstrålene i været. Det er rett og slett helt Elektromagnetisk. (Type an sms on your cell phone, and… Read More »

So far so good ….

After the second day of installation at the Norwegian Telecom Museum all is looking pretty rosy for the Electromagnetic Fountain. But not before the discovery that the fountain’s filters had not been cleaned after its last exhibition at the National Research Days in Porsgrunn. Luckily help was at hand. Tormund, who works as technician at… Read More »