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Energy Bank 2010 – 2012

Energy Bank 2010 – 2012 Public artwork/facility. Target audience: Random pedestrians; tourists, city dwellers, commuters, etc. Energy Bank is a special type of bank; an altruistic public power dispensing machine that generates, stores and dispenses electricity derived from kinetic energy (muscle power) and solar power for recharging electronic mobile devices. It functions when pedestrians (clients)… Read More »

Electromagnetic Fountain 2008

Temporary public installation, urban intervention Fill with water, plug in and play Target audience: random pedestrians; city dwellers, tourists and passers by Video documentation Every city has an invisible twin, an architecture in flux made up of electromagnetic waves emitted by its numerous electrical and wireless communications devices. The water jets and lights of the… Read More »

Desert Walker. The Impossible Mission

Desert Walker. The Impossible Mission (work in progress) About a performance that virtually nobody could witness ….. and a text I have been trying to write since 2008. On a stage that stretches beyond the scope of human vision, where the weather can shift faster than the blink of an eye, four solo walkers performed… Read More »

The 8th Sister 2005

The 8th Sister. An exercise into the depths of Freudian perception, Motherboard 2005 Underwater sculpture to be viewed via echosounder display in Træna, off the coast of North Norway Target audience: fisher people, seafarers and tourists Video documentation — The 8th Sister is an art project that investigates the practical and contextual implications of creating… Read More »